Amy's Mobile Pet Grooming LLC

Stay home...Relax...I'll come to you!

Amy's Mobile Pet Grooming LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to you and your pet. This is why your pet will be shown all of the love and affection they deserve during the grooming process. I always take time to love on and bond with your pet before the grooming process starts. I want them to feel comfortable and confident in me. I use very gentle hands to build a trusting relationship between myself and your pet. I do not rush through grooming so that I can move on to the next client. I give your pet all of the time, patience and love they need. Each pet is unique and has different needs. Some may be seniors with aching joints and can't stand for very long. In this case, I make sure that they are able to sit or lay down as often as possible during the groom. Also, your pet will enjoy a good old fashioned hand bath with lots of massaging. This tends to be their favorite part! There are no crates or cages in my mobile unit so you can feel confident that your pet will never be "cage dried." I will blow dry your pet by hand with a high velocity drier which is a very important part of deshedding. This is why you are able to get your dogs bathed and dried much cheaper at the local chains and salons, because they do not have to actually touch your dog very much at all. They are usually washed by a spraying bathing system, not washed or touched by hand during the bath, and then they are put into a cage or crate with a drier latched on that blows on them for hours while they air dry. This is standard in most salons and is okay for some, just not what I would prefer for my own. Also, I am the only groomer at Amy's Mobile Pet Grooming LLC so your pet will have the same groomer every time! No surprises! This also helps to build a strong bond and trust between myself and your pet because they always know what to expect.  So while the price for mobile grooming may be more than you are used to paying at your local salon, you can rest assured that you are getting the high quality service  that you expect and are paying for and absolute one on one attention for your furry babies right at your door step!